House of Cadillac BBQ Sauce

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About Us

Started on the streets of Florissant, Missouri, House of Cadillac BBQ Sauce was founded by Gabriel in 2008. Nobody else in the BBQ sauce business is offering a fresh taste like ours. If you enjoy our flavors, tell a friend. They'll be glad you did; we know we have a good sauce because we have so many repeat customers!

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to help our community by creating jobs and educating children. We only hire people local to Florissant to work at our company. With the proceeds from our sauce, we plan to buy a local mall and turn it into a private school unlike anything on the planet, where students get a stipend to attend and learn. We also plan to put an African zoo inside of it with lions, tigers, bears, peacocks, and other animals. All of this can be done for only $500,000. When you buy our products, you'll not only get a delicious sauce, but also the satisfaction of improving the future through academic and environmental achievements.